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To report back or not to report back? That is the question

When you are running workshops with small numbers of people it’s relatively easy to make sure everyone hears what others are learning, appreciates the ideas they are generating and grasps the suggestions they are making. But with larger groups this becomes much more difficult. Many event organisers avoid the issue and hope for the best that learning is shared “by osmosis” or by changing the composition of groups periodically throughout the event. But there is a better way….. Read more

Improving performance

Why the feedback sandwich is leaving people hungry.

As a rookie manager one of the first things I was recommended to help my team develop was to use the feedback sandwich.  Putting a “positive” before the “negative” then adding in another “positive” afterwards has for many years been the gold standard piece of advice for giving feedback to help someone learn and develop.

So why is feedback not working? Read more

Good questions for networking

Although it is a key part of building business, many people fight shy of networking events because they fear they won’t know what to say.

We often get hung up on what to say about our business and how to “sell” ourselves – yet the real skill in networking is about asking questions. Questions not only show you are genuinely interested in the people you are talking to but they also help you find out about them and their business – so you can work out how best you can help them.
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Working with different styles

Working with different styles
People have very different ways of seeing and relating to the world around them. We all know people who we feel are “on our wavelength” and similarly those we feel are “on another planet”.

If you can work out which ways a person is seeing and relating to the world you can:

  • appreciate their perspective better
  • create rapport with them and build your relationship through “borrowing” their way of experiencing the world
  • use their preferences to help you persuade them of your ideas
  • understand why there might sometimes be friction between you Read more

Building Rapport

Rapport happens when you feel you and another person are working together on the same wavelength. It’s something that happens naturally when people know each other well and enjoy each other’s company. It is crucial to find this with your clients, prospective clients and staff so here are some ways you can help it to happen more quickly. Read more