How we work

Our values

We have a strong set of values that guide us across all of our work:

  • Humanity– we believe in making real connections with others at a human level
  • Integrity– we operate with honesty and authenticity in all our relationships
  • Quality– we provide you with the highest quality service and constantly seek to improve in all areas of our work
  • Making it personal– we explore your needs fully so we can deliver a highly tailored and unique solution
  • Keeping it practical– we deliver pragmatic, focused and value for money solutions to fit your requirements
  • Sustainability– we work with you to enable you to move forward on your own two feet and not be dependent on us or other external consultants

Our approach

Our style is serious but fun…..So we create a unique experience which people remember. We recognise that the challenges people face can be tough and they often they respond better to a light touch

Whilst we use a wide variety of tools and techniques, we never overcomplicate things or deal in psychobabble……So we make our work accessible for you

We believe in transparency……So we always try to make things as clear as possible – in everything from our billing to how we explain our work and share feedback with you

We are always on our client’s side……So we will always go the extra mile to make sure you get what you need when you need it

Our main tools

With many years’ experience behind us we bring the tools that are needed to each of our clients for each of their projects. Some of these are:

  • Neuroscience Recent research into neuroscience had given us great insights into how people work best, (and don’t) how they learn, develop and grow. We use this to inform the design of all of our sessions.
  • Strengths base. It makes sense intuitively that if we are working on things we are good at and which we have a real passion for then we will be more productive and innovative. Research backs this up. Gallup, for example, found that teams where people felt strongly that they had the opportunity to “do what I do best every day” translated into higher customer satisfaction scores, lower employee turnover and higher productivity.
  • Developmental psychology. One of our mottos is they you don’t have to be a psychologist to be a good manger but a grasp of what makes people tick certainly helps.
  • Positive psychology. Many organisations focus their people processes and approach on what isn’t working and try to fix it. We work with our clients to help them explore what is working and build from there.
  • Neuro linguistic programming (NLP). A philosophy and approach that looks at successful people and provides us with models we can apply and share to help our clients (and ourselves) be more successful. Some people think NLP is just about communication but in fact it can go much further.

Our team are also qualified and experienced in using:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step 1 and 2
  • Saville Wave
  • NEO PI-R
  • Strengths deployment Inventory (SDI)
  • Belbin