Our services

We work with our clients to find out what matters to them and what they are really trying to achieve in their work with us. We ask lots of questions and take time to get underneath the surface – to fully understand the context and business drivers as well as more personal aspects such as how they like to work and what will make our work together a real success.

Our background in accountancy also makes us passionate about measuring what we do. Whilst we love to have happy workshop participants – what really matters to us is long term measurable changes in the organisations we work with.

With the exception of the occasional open workshop, all of our work is tailor-made to each individual client.

Building communication and relationship skills

Developing trusted relationships is fundamental at all levels of an organisation – be it relationships within the organisation, within and between teams and departments, or outside with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Giving people development opportunities is also a great way to build their confidence and feelings of being valued by the organisation they work for.

We can facilitate workshops and events to help your people develop what used to be called their “soft skills” – those skills which are in fact often harder to acquire than their technical counterparts.

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Developing leaders and managers

Our research tells us loud and clear that one of the biggest determinants of people’s desire to contribute and go the extra mile is the person they work for and the tone that is set by senior management.

We design and deliver full leadership and management development programmes tailored to your organisation’s needs or workshops and coaching focused on specific elements of leadership and management such as influencing others, coaching, giving feedback, delegating and presenting.

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Un-conferences and other team events

Successful change needs buy in and input from people at all levels of an organisation. It is often the ideas from “the shop floor” that make a big difference. Teams often need help to work effectively and productively, especially if they are spread across the country or even the globe.

We can help you by designing and helping you run events for teams of all sizes, ages and stages – to share strategy and ideas, devise ways of working and build relationships.

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Consultancy, coaching and hands on help to deliver your own events

Not only is developing people’s skills key to growing business but people also feel important and recognised through training. Learning is a social activity – the basics can be done through online learning and other resources but translating these into what actually happens with customers and clients is much more subtle and requires specialist input and sharing of ideas.

Many of our clients are caught between trainers who are expert in training but don’t know the technical content and technical people who don’t know how to design and deliver a training session that will be both memorable and “stick”.

We can help – by designing training courses for your staff to deliver and training your people in facilitation skills.

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