Consultancy, coaching and hands-on help to deliver your events

Not only is developing people’s skills key to growing business but people also feel important and recognised through training. Learning is a social activity – the basics can be done through online learning and other resources but translating these into what actually happens with customers and clients is much more subtle and requires specialist input and sharing of ideas.

Many of our clients are caught between trainers who are expert in training but don’t know the technical content and technical people who don’t know how to design and deliver a training session that will be both memorable and “stick”.

We can help – by designing training courses for your staff to deliver and training your people in facilitation skills.

Training design. Whilst we love being in the training room we also help our clients design training they will run themselves. We have the knowledge and understanding of people and workshop facilitation and our clients bring the technical content – a winning partnership.

Facilitation skills. Clients who want to make long term investments in their people often do this through developing a core of skilled facilitators who can not only run much of their technical training but will also act as ambassadors for non-classroom based approaches to learning and development. Facilitation skills are also 100% transferable to the workplace – not only in meetings with both clients and staff but also as an approach to management and leadership. So we go beyond “train the trainer” to develop in depth facilitation skills, mindset and approach.

Recent work includes:

  • Coaching a beauty industry specialist to design and run a series of workshops to help other setting up in the industry with their business skills.
  • Facilitating “Train the Trainer” workshops for a large professional services firm.
  • Designing and co-running “Facilitation Skills”  workshops for a global IT company in locations across Europe.

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