Building communication and relationship skills

Developing trusted relationships is fundamental at all levels of an organisation – be it relationships within the organisation, within and between teams and departments, or outside with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Giving people development opportunities is also a great way to build their confidence and feelings of being valued by the organisation they work for.

We can facilitate workshops and events to help your people develop what used to be called their “soft skills” – those skills which are in fact often harder to acquire than their technical counterparts.

Recent work includes:

  • Influencing skills workshops. Most of us only use a small proportion of the tools and techniques at our disposal to help us to both get things done and build relationships at the same time. This workshop gives people the opportunity to explore and practice these in a safe environment so they feel fully equipped to take the tools back to work and use them immediately.
  • Client handling skills booster. Designed and facilitated four consecutive 70 person events to help staff build their client handling skills and feel more part of their organisation’s approach to business development.
  • Building Relationships to Build your Business workshop. This workshop for small business owners explors how we build trust and how we can use that understanding on our face to face communication.
  • Presentation support. Coaching on the design and delivery of presentations for a range of clients.

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