Developing leaders & managers

Our research tells us loud and clear that one of the biggest determinants of people’s desire to contribute and go the extra mile is the person they work for and the tone that is set by senior management.

We design and deliver full leadership and management development programmes tailored to your organisation’s needs or workshops and coaching focused on specific elements of leadership and management such as influencing others, coaching, giving feedback, delegating and presenting.
Recent work has included:

  • Tomorrow’s Leaders workshops – exploring what it means to be a leader in 21st Century organisations and creating a personal leadership strategy to work towards this.
  • Transitioning to leadership workshops – helping aspiring leaders understand what leadership is about, how leadership styles impact on organisations and the people in them and assessing their strengths and areas to develop as they transition into more senior roles.
  • “Feedback that works” workshops. Our experience shows that one of the areas where many organisations in both the public and private sectors come unstuck is in providing genuine and meaningful feedback. This workshop uses the latest ideas in neuroscience as well as practical experience and gives plenty of chance to practice so that participants go away confident that their feedback will now lead to change.
  • Constructive conversations – Influence and relationship building workshops. E.g. mending fences, selling yourself, giving “bad news”.
  • Real time/work based coaching – observing people in action then reviewing and giving feedback and suggestions for change.

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