Presentation Skills Package

We offer a full package for helping you design and deliver a knock out presentation. This includes objective setting, audience focus, content, structure, visual aids and rehearsal. Alternatively, if you are a more experienced presenter and need more of a “top up”, you can select the parts of the package that suit you.

Presentations Skills – Preparing for Success

Designed for those who are relatively new to presenting or who need a refresher, this workshop gives you a step by step formula for preparing your presentation which can then be used every time you need to prepare a presentation in the future.

Presentation Skills – Visual Aids for Success

In this workshop, we look at both how to design PowerPoint slides and how to use them in the best ways. Each participant will come away with a PowerPoint template for all of their future business presentations.

 Presentation Skills – Rehearsing for Success

In this workshop, you get a chance to rehearse your presentation in front of an audience and get feedback and suggestions for improvement from both the trainer and the audience.

People often think this will be daunting but, by creating a safe environment to practice, participants come away feeling much more confident in their ability to present with passion, conviction and flair.